Day 2 : Visits to the Government , Ministry of Foreign Affairs,OSCE Simulation and traditional dinner.

The second day of “Peace building in Eastern Europe 2.0” started with a visit to the Reintegration Bureau of the Republic of Moldova , where the participants met with George Balan, Head of the Department. A thorough analysis of the “5+2” negotiation format prepared them for the next activities of the conference.


The day continued with a study visit to the Moldovan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration. There, a panel discussion with Tudor Ulianovschi, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration and Luca Sergiu, First Secretary, International Security Division of MFA. , allowed the fellows to deeply understand Moldovan Foreign Policy.


The last activity of the day was the Model OSCE Simulation, led by Hillary Briffa, OSCE Youth Ambassador. The fellows worked on a Youth Action Plan for the organisation and gained deeper understanding of the inner workings of the OSCE.


The day rounded off with traditional Moldovan cuisine and dances. Young people from all around the world danced to the folklorik tunes of Moldovan music and enjoyed themselves.



Day 1 : Opening events and Global Village

Peace building in Eastern Europe has officially started with a day full of interesting discussions about Moldova, EU, Ukraine, neighborhood policy and an amazing Global Village event.

The morning included welcoming remarks by William H. Moser, U.S. Ambassador to Moldova , MIchael Scanlan, Head of the OSCE Mission to Moldova and Nicola Harrington-Buhay , UN Resident to Moldova, which was followed by a panel discussion with the participants.


The next event in the schedule was a Q&A session with Pirrka Tapiola , Head of the European Union Delegation to the Republic of Moldova. The fellows were especially interested in the European Neighborhood Policy and the closer cooperation with the Eastern Partnership countries,

The 3rd session of the day was a presentation of the role of the OSCE Mission to Moldova by Alvarez Palencia , Spokesperson of the OSCE Mission to Moldova,with an overall analysis of the OSCE.

The day conlcuded with a scavenger hunt and the much anticipated “Global Village”.

For the “Global Village” event , the participants brought traditional food and costumes from their countries, which they used to present their country to Moldovan youth and the Chisinau community. The event lasted 2 hours , during which hundreds of Moldovans met the participants and tasted exotic foods and drinks.


See you in Chișinău this Fall!

The results of the selection process were sent out.

Due to the high number of applications, it will take some time to reach everybody in person.

In case you did not receive an email from us, feel free to write an inquiry to our email:

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Peacebuilding in Eastern Europe 2.0

The Youth Ambassadors Institute, recipient of the European Union Youth Award is pleased to announce its second edition of the Peace Building in Eastern Europe conference in Chişinău, Moldova and Kiev, Ukraine this Fall.

From October 5th to 12th, 2014, an international U.S. Exchange Alumni team, in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy in Chişinău and other partners will organize “Peace building in Eastern Europe 2.0”. A 7-day conference designed to empower an Alumni Network of youth diplomats working to understand frozen conflicts and combat misinformation in times of political turmoil in Eastern Europe. The seminar will consist of lectures, workshops, debate sessions and field trips to Gagauz-Yeri, Transnistria (MD) and Kiev (UA).

Application period is over.

More detailed information about the project can be found in the document below:


Peacebuilding in Eastern Europe 2.0


We are excited to announce that the YASI team is planning a new project in Moldova and Ukraine for the summer of 2014 !

The project is called “Peacebuilding in Eastern Europe 2.0” and is scheduled to take place in the beginning of August. Its focus will be on diplomacy, conflict resolution, frozen conflicts and of course, the current situation in Ukraine.

However, in order to get the necessary financial support we need to be one of the final selected projects of AEIF 2014. The project has been selected to move on to the second phase of the competition. We are now asking all U.S. Alumni to support our project by logging in the website and voting our project.

The project can be found in this link:

Every vote counts!

Thank you in advance for your support and we hope to see you in beautiful Chisinau!

Monday – Exploring Moldova

The second day of BFTF in Moldova has concluded and it was an incredible day indeed!

The fellows started the day with a scavenger hunt organized by the amazing Moldavian host team. Everyone got to walk the city and admire the beauties of Chisinau, which was celebrating its 577th anniversary. The day continued with a traditional Moldovan meal and further exploration of the various celebrating activities that were taking place in the city.

In the evening, most of the fellows got the unique opportunity to visit the Cricova winery, which is famous for its long underground tunnels, in which wines are stored. Many types of wines were also available for tasting, which resulted in a lot of bottles bought from everyone and huge smiles on the faces on the way back.

The day closed off with some exploration of the Chisinau nightlife.

Stay tuned for more updates on the seminar!

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Sunday – meeting experts

Peace building in Eastern Europe: European Conference of the BFTF Alumni has officially begun. All the fellows are safe and sound in Chisinau and today was the first day of activities.

The day began with an opening speech from Dr, Allan Louden, chair of the communication department of Wake Forest University and “godfather” of the Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellowship Institute, That was followed by a speech from Jan Plesinger, Deputy Head of Mission of OSCE in Moldova, who described the role of OSCE in the mediation efforts for the Transnistria conflict.

The first panel discussion was about the role of the UN in peace creation and conflict mediation. UN Representative to Moldova, H.E. Ambassador Nicola Harrington-Buhay explained the role of the UN mission to Moldova and responded to a plethora of questions, for subjects ranging from the Transnistria conflict to the peace building efforts of the UN.

Next up, was a Euro Cafe with the participation of EU Ambassadors to Moldova: H.E. Mathias Meyer (Germany) , H.E. Marius Lazurca (Romania), H.E. Violeta Motulaite(Lithuania).  Moldavian integration to EU , relations of the EU with eastern countries such as Armenia and other topics regarding the state of the Moldavian Republic were discussed.

After a much needed lunch break, it was time for Mr Oazu Nantoi, Program Director of Institute for Public Policy to take the floor and give the fellows an overall assessment of the Transnistrian conflict and how it developed over the years.